About Us

The use of technology is increasing day by day. The facilities available to people are also increasing at the same pace. Using contemporary technologies is helping companies (incl. hotels) fetch more sales and break new records. Hospitality industry is also in the list. The hospitality industry is now witnessing a revolution because of IT industry tech trends in Mobile Apps and Websites.

The bookings of hotels have gone up as the consumer can book a hotel any hour from his/her mobile phone. Where in the past, one had to call and book a hotel long before the visit. Now a days, one just has to log in to hotel booking mobile app and book the hotel from the mobile apps at any instant. But, still after so much advancement one problem is still faced by the consumer i.e. 24 hour hotel booking.Consumer has to  book a hotel for 24 hours; Even if, he wants to utilize the hotel services for a few hours. Still, This trend is prevalent all over the world.


But, Bonito rooms is breaking this barrier through hourly booking hotel system. Bonito rooms is introducing the concept of booking a hotel for as much hours as needed (3hr,6hr,9hr,12hr or 24hr). This is the most beneficial  facility for people looking for short stay, stay for a few hours, a days stay in a hotel. A major crowd in this category falls into the group of unmarried couples. Bonito rooms-Stay Hourly,Pay Hourly is also categorizing couple friendly hotels. Thus,providing facility of hourly stay for couples, hourly booking for couples and day use hotels for couples.


 Also, including in these beneficiaries is the class of:

  • Travelling businessmen
  • On-the-go-travellers
  • Travel enthusiasts

Generally, these men don’t require a long or a 24 hour stay in the hotel.  Bonito rooms is putting a lot of effort to comfort this class by providing them short stay hotels, hourly stay hotels, Day use hotels,  Hotels for 3hr,6hr,9hr,12hr & 24hr through Bonito-Rooms website.

One can use Bonito Rooms services through the website https://www.bonitorooms.com/  and book the hotel on hourly basis. This hourly hotel booking system enables the users to save money and pay only for the time they have utilized the hotel services. Bonito Rooms -StayHourly, Pay Hourly.