Revolution hourly booking hotels for short stay


Revolution- hourly booking hotels for short stay


Technology is about to bring a big revolution in the field of hospitality. The age of smartphones and apps has begun and now it is going to change the face of hospitality industry. And, dwelling deep into this change shows that it is in favor of consumers and hotel guests. This new trend is "Hourly hotel booking for short stays".
In the Earlier times, hotels used to charge for 24 hour booking for every guest. Major reason for this strategy was "communication gap".
Firstly, The hotels were not able to communicate about the vacant rooms to the guests. As they had no medium to convey about the vacancy,, they used to take charge for 24 hour booking. This strategy made sure that they had "a sale for the day".
Secondly, the hotel were not connected to their customers. The hotels never knew the number of guests that would arrive in a day. But now in the age of technology, Google maps, Facebook and other listing and hotel booking websites this situation has changed. The hotels can use apps like  bonitorooms , Oyo and many other to book a hotel even a month in advance. As these websites have implemented "user feedback" from hotel guests(rating system), one is able to know about the condition and reception of the hotel staff.
Thirdly, these apps are connected to the users through push notifications. Thus, users- hotel guests can be updated any time. Hotels also utilize this feature to increase or decrease daily rates and take out some offers to attract more guests.
Thus With the increased use of apps, hotel are easily able to communicate and retain there customers. Now with these advancements in hand, hotels have move towards another level. The level of "hourly hotel booking or short stays". An hourly hotel booking simply means booking a hotel room for a few hours and pay only for the hours one has used the hotel room. In the metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi etc the trend of hourly booking or day use hotels is increasing day by day.
The reasons behind it are "customer satisfaction" and "optimum use of money". Hotel guests can pay only for the hours they have used the hotel for. One can use Bonitorooms website to book short stay hourly hotels.
Also, the service is used by businessmen to book hotels for short stays and wash and clean rooms. Businessmen generally are busy in meetings. Often they have meetings in multi-cities. Thus, to save money in this regard Bonitorooms is a savior. the businessmen can use Bonitorooms- hourly hotel rooms for transit hotel room booking. It is a hourly based service, where a businessman can book hourly room as a transit hotel room. Breakfast is also available (on order) even if the room is booked for just one hour.  So, it perfectly suites a businessman's need to have room for a short duration and still he is saved from overpaying.