Now Unmarried Couple Can Book Hotel Rooms in Delhi


Hi.. It’s me "Swastika". I am from Delhi and I feel sometimes that in our society there is a taboo related to a relationship especially when you try to book a hotel room in any city. The person at reception (receptionist of any hotel), behave very unusual way and they generally ask few wired question like are you married? Can I see your marriage certificated or any document related to it... Blah! Blah!

But Why......

 I am grown up and have the right to book or stay with someone. But no it is useless to discuss with them. They always have one line "Sorry, it's our policy, we can’t offer hotel rooms to unmarried couple".


But like to thanks bonito rooms, they play a very vital role in offering hotel rooms for the couple across the nation cities like Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida, Chennai, Jaipur etc...

 Most amazing part is couple can book your room only for Few hours too like for 3 hours, 6 Hours, 9 Hours, 12 Hours & 25 Hours at a very low price as compared to other portals who offer similar services.