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If you are reading this, you are probably a businessman. A businessman is a very witty and wise person. He knows the deal of profits and the deal of losses. Only a businessman understands the optimum and efficient use of money. He has a lot to do, and a lot on his shoulders. Along with these great responsibilities of managing business growth, profit making and expenses bearing; a businessman always has to conduct and attend meetings. These business meetings are a major source of sales and money minting.
So, its a fact that you as a businessman has to attend multiple meetings in a day. These meetings are sometimes held in other cities as well. And to attend those you have to go to the city and book a hotel to stay. These hotels are expansive and at times you end up giving more money than the services you have received.
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Say, you have a short meeting for a few hours in a neighboring city. As first impression is the last impression, a businessman always looks smart and well dressed  in the business meetings. Even for a few hours of visit; you have to book a hotel nearby, to get refreshed and suit up. These hotels charge in multiples of 24 hour booking payment. So, even if you have to use the 

hotel for a few hours 

 you end up paying a 24 hour booking fees. Which obviously, as a business is a bad deal. Why does one pay more than, one has used.
Thus to solve this problem for businessmen on the go, Bonitorooms has introduced the concept of 

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These short stay hotels provide hourly booking.  

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Hourly booking hotel

   indicates that, you as a guest can book the hotel for a few hours and you would be paying the cost of using the services only for those hours.  This of course, saves you money. As you pay to hotel, only for the hours you have used the hotel room for. 


 is adding hotel painstakingly. The pace of hourly booking hotels is increasing. And thus, the use for short stay. These short stay hotel services work and behave the same way as a normal hotel services. Also, you can check in any time of the day. Including early mornings.
Taking Delhi by the storm the company now has over 50 hotels in all zones of Delhi. It is offering the DAY USE HOTEL ROOMS for 3 hours, 6 hours, 9 hours, 12 hours and more. Thus, facilitating the need of consumer for MICRO STAY, SHORT STAY or a long stay in the hotel. 
Requiring the need of MICRO STAY and MINI STAY HOTELS are the COUPLES. So bonitorooms also PROVIDES the facility of 


The HOTELS does accept the local ids. And are safe.
Bonitorooms is working hard to provide the hourly stay facility to consumers and knows to keep the guests happy.
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