With the changing times, the need of consumer also changes. One important fact is that, consumer always wants to pay for, the services they have used.
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Same applies in Hospitality industry. Nowadays all HOTEL guest wants to pay only for the time they have used the HOTEL SERVICES. This in-fact makes them happy and the hotel gets a returning customer as-well. But, majority of hotels in the industry charge for 24 HOUR BOOKING. The trend is prevalent still, today. Irrespective of the hours the guest has spent, one has to pay in multiples of 24 hourly booking charge.
day use hotel in Delhi , hourly stay hotel
But, Bonitorooms is changing this trend by introducing HOURLY HOTEL BOOKING in Delhi. Bonitorooms has a contemporary app and website to facilitate the guest with: hourly hotel booking in Delhishort stay hotel in Delhiday use hotel in Delhi. Whenever a guest requires a HOTEL ROOM FOR FEW HOURS, one can always search on Google or directly visit www.bonitorooms.com for these HOTEL ROOM services.
Taking Delhi by the storm the company now has over 50 hotels in all zones of Delhi. It is offering the DAY USE HOTEL ROOMS for 3 hours, 6 hours, 9 hours, 12 hours and more. Thus, facilitating the need of consumer for MICRO STAY, SHORT STAY or a long stay in the hotel. 
Requiring the need of MICRO STAY and MINI STAY HOTELS are the COUPLES. So bonitorooms also PROVIDES the facility of COUPLE FRIENDLY HOTELS. The HOTELS does accept the local ids. And are safe.
Bonitorooms is working hard to provide the hourly stay facility to consumers and knows to keep the guests happy.
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Happy hourly booking a hotel in Delhi.